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I am a student doing a Foundation Degree in Multimedia at Southern Regional College.

I am interested in Web Dev, Graphic design, Photography, Videography & 3D Modeling and animation.

I started getting interested In web development when I was around 9 years old, copying code from a YouTube video that I was watching and having no idea why it worked, just making it.

When I was 16 I started teaching myself and using websites in order to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and also started creating things on Photoshop and Illustrator.

I made my first website (That I put online) when I was 17 using what I new of HTML CSS and JavaScript but after making it I went on to learn so much more of what I could do with them and also new languages including PHP and learnt how to use jQuery, SASS and also Jade which are very helpful as it keeps things fun as you have less to write meaning you can do more in less time.

I am currently doing a Foundation Degree (EQF Level 5) in Multimedia and have completed a Foundation Degree (EQF Level 5) in Advanced Web Development.


Hello :D

28 Nov 2018

Hi, yes I know it has been a while. I changed hosting for my website and might have accidentally lost all my work and everything I have ever worked on soooo.... that was fun. Due to that I had to rebuild this website which I was wanting to do for a while but never got the time for it, but this had kind of forced me to. That won't happen again though, I am now using github to keep all my files synced which also helps with working on my laptop and pc interchangeably, which is handy. I also changed my workflow so instead of using like 4 different software’s I use 1 that combines everything...

Major Website Update

26 Feb 2018

I started my Foundation Degree and am now in my second semester of it and it has taught me a few things (surprisingly) that I could use to better my website. The first thing I learnt is html Semantics which help screen readers and also for Google rankings and just to make it easier to glance at code and know what it is for. I will defiantly be implementing this very soon as I want to completely rebuild my website as I have learnt so much from then. That’s really all I have learnt from my foundation degree so far that I can use but that isn’t all I have learnt. I knew about commenting code but I never really found a use for it but...

Updates, Updates and Updates

09 Sept 2017

So I went through with my social media project idea thingy (don’t have a name for it so ideas would be great) so that’s what I’ve been up to. Bumped into new problems that I hadn’t encountered before and found a way to overcome them (or redo everything to avoid that outcome so I wouldn’t have to come up with a solution cuz it I couldn’t find one) which was fun. I have the basics done, if you want to check it out you can go to socialproject.chrishill.io and there I post what updates I’ve done so you can see what cool new features I am adding to it or comment on what you want to see added. As...

Social Media Project?

18 Jul 2017

I’ve been trying to think of different projects that I could do or maybe try to start creating websites for clients but I currently have nothing so far. With getting clients and creating websites for them I think that I might want someone else, like a team, to help me as 1. It would be a big task (depending on what it is) and 2. It would mean that I can dedicate tasks to people so that I can focus on what I want to do right now which is PHP. With a team tho I think it would be better if we were together as it would mean that we could bounce ideas of each other easier and quicker and also stay up to speed with what is happening s...

Doctor Who?

23 Jun 2017

So I haven’t been doing much of anything lately because it has been extremely hot (for us) the past few days and me being the idiot that I am was working outside and got burnt almost immediately and then had to go the rest of the day working outside directly in the sunlight which just baked my arms. You would think after 5 days it would have died down but NOOOOO IT wants to see me in pain when I try to do anything. Because of this I have actually got quite far in watching Doctor Who, I’m up to the 14th episode in the 6th season wow has it been amazing! I thought that Doctor Who would be stupi...

Isn't Procrastination the best...

12 Jun 2017

I’ve been supper wanting to get my website finished so I can finally change it over to my main one and every time I think I’m finished I find something that I need to change. On top of that people can still only sign up to my blog, they can’t login yet as I haven’t made that part yet but I want to because that would mean that you can log in and comment (and like actually, I should add a like button) so that I can start talking to you and it will give you something to do on my blog. But saying all that... Friday was the last day I worked properly on my website to get it mobile friendly, after that I have been side-trac...


08 Jun 2017

The title says it all really. PHP is fun and all and I do love it and what you can do with it, but for a person that knows very little PHP at the minute, trying to make a blog that people can login and comment on posts and also be able to have their own avatar is quite frustrating because I usually am spending my time on the internet searching up why something won’t work! That’s the fun of learning tho, right? If you read the last post you know that the blog was hard coded so I could not add posts without changing the html of the page. It still is BUT I have been busy working on features for the users, i.e, you. I have now added ...


26 Feb 2017

Hi! If you are reading this then I got the Blog working :) No idea about the website but if you are reading this on the website then yey! I got it live as well. I am going to use this post to welcome you to my blog and tell you what you can expect from it. This blog will be where I post articles about what I am doing, whether that be projects or what I am up to. I have no idea how often I will post but you can subscribe to my blog to get notified when I post a new article. As that is everything for the welcoming section I am now going to give an update on the website and how I am getting on. The website is now created but not responcive at ...





















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